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About Us

The Driveway Doctor

The Driveway Doctor is a South Australian based driveway and concrete maintenance company with all the experience and qualifications required to provide our services. At the Driveway Doctor we aim to please our customers and we will bring you the best maintenance service possible!

We are committed to our work and to all South Australian homes, charities, products and businesses. Support South Australian small business and call now to secure your driveway maintenance and obligation free quote. We operate in all areas around SA Including rural areas!


House with driveway

Certificates in Construction, Real estate and Business. Also, our team holds white cards and are educated in OHS&W procedures.

Why Choose Us

The Driveway Doctor isn’t just a driveway maintenance company.

Our company has been built differently from the beginning; our difference is in the foundation we are building on. Our objectives have been set with our customers, environment and social responsibilities as our focus! The Driveway Doctors founder set to create a company that is different, a company that resembles what a environmentally conscious company of the future should look like, a company that is built to give as it grows, a company that hasn’t got profit as the primary driver.

We don’t just achieve this through giving $10 from every job to charities but by leading the way to being a “Environmentally Conscious” company from the start through planting trees and supporting habitat re generation projects.

The driveway Doctor is a 100% South Australian family owned and operated company.

“The environment and social responsibilities is what I’m passionate about in business; finding a way that I can create value for our customers and fulfil my desires to make a positive impact is what I wish to create; The driveway doctor along with my fellow South Australians support will help us do that as we grow” Founder of The Driveway Doctor

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