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Concrete Driveway Colouring Seal Adelaide

What is Concrete Colour Sealing In Adelaide?

Concrete colour sealing and resurfacing in Adelaide enables you to utilise and rejuvenate existing concrete in a range of interesting and creative ways; giving you a chance to add another dimension to your home, or building project.

For example, coloured sealer or coloured concrete resurfacer might be the perfect method to integrate the colour scheme of your home and is ideal for indoor concrete, steps, and finished driveways in the Adelaide area.

Coloured concrete is a very versatile strong coating designed to rejuvenate your old worn concrete at a fraction of the cost of new concrete, and on top of this, it comes with an additional benefit since it tends to be coloured in order to match existing or future work with over 30 colours to choose from.

It is a material that will support your home or project by matching the surrounding aesthetic. Alternatively, it may be used to truly stand out depending on the colours and designs that you select.

Coloured concrete sealers and coloured resurfacing coatings certainly are the most cost effective alternative to ripping up your old concrete and starting again, in addition, the final effect is a vibrant and eye catching environment that will help increase the value of your family home, helping to maximise your return on investment pre sale or as regular maintenance.

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Why choose us for your concrete colouring in Adelaide?

At Driveway Doctor we contemplate each project from every possible angle because we know that each situation in Adelaide is different.

The style of your home in Adelaide may not always need grey-toned concrete sealer, or even a pebble finish. Instead, it may need a bright new coloured concrete finish. You might ask, ‘how do you colour cement?’

Well it’s easy (sort of) and fortunately for you we have an exciting new range of over 30 colours of coloured concrete to choose from with the experience you need!

By painting concrete, we’ll have your old, dull driveway and paths around your homes looking like the new concrete you’ve always wanted.

Check out our stunning new range of concrete sealer above and call us for a free measure and qoute!.

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Driveway Doctor is a leading home surface and concrete maintenance company recognized for undertaking complex projects of all sizes, encouraging innovation, embracing rising technologies and making a difference both socially and environmentally.

With years of experience and a multitude of satisfied clients, The Driveway Doctor is well placed to undertake a range of projects concerning your companies property and surfaces or your homes.

No matter what idea you have in mind, we continue doing what we do best, which is effectively delivering quality sealing and resurfacing services for our client’s across all sectors for any location in Adelaide.

Our project managers will guarantee high standard workmanship is maintained.

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Concrete Colour Sealing and Resurfacing

There are many methods that you can use for colouring concrete. One thing is key.. Surface prep! Get it wrong and it will be costly.. Guaranteed. Removal of these coatings cost much more than the cost to put it down…

Minimum level of prep we use is by the very best equipment money can buy along with the best prep practice.

Here’s what you’ll need before you get started:

  • Safety Glasses
  • Work Gloves
  • Acid
  • High pressure steam cleaning unit
  • Medium Bristle Broom
  • Thinners
  • Concrete primers
  • Wheelbarrow or Cement Mixer
  • Sealers

Surface Prep

Surface prep requires the concrete surface to be stripped clean! We use High pressure steam and acid, nothing less! If the surface has pre existing sealer or coatings other chemicals will be needed.

Step 1: Apply primers

As your concrete is now fully dried and tested by using the condensation test, we apply primers, types of primers differ for different coatings. The amount depends on the surface type and porosity of the surface. Once this is dry we move to the next stage, some coatings require up to 24 hours between coats.

Step 2: Mix coatings for application

Obviously depending on the coating type the process differs considerably, there are multiple types and we cant get into them all here.

Step 3: Apply coatings

Again, for different coatings and finishes we will use different application methods. Rollers and spray guns are a popular choice, but be sure to use the correct rollers, as they do differ in both quality and finish. Sprayers start in price from $1500-$3000+

Final steps:

Depending on the products used in Adelaide, most likely top coat sealers will be needed, each product has a different product that can only be used with each other, incorrect application at any stage of this process will cause the coating to go milky and or delaminate. Removal of the prododucts to start again requires a stripper that cost between $280 – $400 to treat 10sqm.. If not applied correctly the product will delaminate well before its supposed to, see stage one, surface prep…


My driveway hadn’t been sealed in years, was faded and looked ghastly. The Driveway Doctor went to my home inside seven days of reaching them and WOW! what an extraordinary job!! I wished I had called them sooner. Extraordinary Work!!!!
Percy D.
Concrete driveway looks cleaner than when we moved in 10 years prior and the sealant is guaranteed to protect from the elements for many years.
John S.
Each member from the Driveway Doctor staff is a quintessential expert, they did all that they guaranteed they would, and when we received the before and after photo of our driveway, we will forward them to every resident in our neighborhood!
Carson C.
What a joy working with this company. Extraordinary work, on time, and very professional. I highly recommend!
Andrea B.
Just wanted to thank you for an extraordinary job sealing my driveway, great product!. I couldn't be more satisfied. No more using the old gurney for me and most importantly no more hard work. I wish this sealant had been around 10 years back. Kindest regards for a great product and service.
Garry V.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Typically, the price will be $50-$60 per square metre for a professional job, however the cost will vary depending on the dimensions of your driveway and surface type and prep needed. Contact our friendly team for your own competitive quote.
  • Considering most professionals charge by square metre, the most important thing to consider is the length and gradient of your driveway. It’s also a good idea to factor in the ease of access, time of year you’ll be painting, what colour scheme you want, and to compare prices so you find the best deal.
  • Before anything, the surface needs to be primed. The best way to do this is by using an acrylic block fill primer to fill all pores and neutralise the high PH levels of the concrete block. Once the primer is dry, using a high quality paint is essential for the longevity of the job.
  • The colour pigments used in coloured concrete are UV stable and fade resistant and designed to last many years, like all things, maintenance coats are required as the years pass to protect the coating membrane and concrete. If the colour begins to look dull, the coating may need to be resealed or cleaned to remove efflorescence on the surface, don't leave it too long before recoating.
  • Coloured concrete sealer is sealer with colour pigments added into it. You can also combine it with aggregates for textured looks. It is perfect if you want to colour dull driveway tones or match your surrounding aesthetic. Colour concrete is versatile, simple to use and economical. Here at the Driveway Doctor we have over 30 colours of concrete paint, ranging from Black, charcoal, dark charcoal grey’s to sandy beige, and deep heritage reds.
  • In this case, your best option would be using a spray on concrete. This is a method of applying a decorative coating on existing concrete. This method can be applied to fresh or old concrete floors and is most often used on outdoor paths, pavements and driveways.
  • You certainly can, however the process involves handling of complicated toxic chemicals and controlling colour elements that can stain your clothes and be dangerous on your skin. You need to make sure you have a suitable working surface and if you’ve never done it before remember to wear your safety gear. However, for the best and safest results, it is recommended utilising the services of a professional. Leave the heavy lifting to us!
  • You can purchase pigments at local hardware stores. Make sure you speak to a professional who knows about concrete colouring as there are a wide array of colouring agents you may need depending on the particular job you want done. Not sure about yours? Give us a call! We’ll be more than happy to advise you.

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