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Worker wearing blue jeans and brown work boots and performing concrete sealing with a roller

How Much Does It Cost to Seal a Concrete Driveway in Adelaide?

March 11, 2024

How Much Does It Cost to Seal a Concrete Driveway in Adelaide? 


If you’re wondering how much it would cost to seal a concrete driveway in Adelaide, this is it right here. You’ve got that picture-perfect driveway in your mind but then Adelaide’s brutal sun and the wild weather come along. It turned that dream into a bit of a nightmare with cracks and wear. You’ve heard sealing it could be the knight in shining armour, but what’s the real deal with the cost?


You’ve probably seen those articles throwing around prices per square metre, but let’s cut through the fluff. We’re going to dig a bit deeper and talk about all the stuff they don’t mention – like those sneaky hidden costs and all the little things that can make the price go up or down.


The Price Breakdown


Alright, let’s break down what sealing that driveway is really going to cost you. Let’s start with some of the basics:


How Big Is Your Driveway?


The starting line is around $10-$16 per square metre though it can go up to $50-$60 per square metre if you’re getting professional help. 


Got a smaller driveway? You might pay a bit more per square metre because of some miscellaneous fees and charges. But if your driveway’s more on the spacious side, you could catch a break with some bulk discounts.


Also, where your driveway is can play a big part in the cost, thanks to different labour rates and how easy it is to get your hands on the sealant.


What’s Your Sealer Style?


If you’re all about keeping things looking natural, penetrating sealers are your go-to, but you’ll need to re-up every couple of years, setting you back $3-$5 per square metre each time. 


Prefer something that lasts longer? Film-forming sealers might change the look a bit but give you a good 4-5 years for $5-$8 per square metre


Feeling fancy? Coloured sealers can jazz things up but expect to shell out $7-$12 per square metre more.


Getting It Ready


This is all about cleaning up your driveway to make sure the sealer sticks right. Just a simple clean can cost you $2-$5 per square metre, but if you’ve got some serious stains or cracks, the price can jump to $8-$12 per square metre.


The Extras


If your driveway needs a good pressure wash before sealing, that’s another $2-$4 per square metre


Got moss? Getting rid of it can add $5-$8 per square metre. And if you’re looking at getting fancy with colours or special finishes, that’s going to bump up the price even more.


Here’s a table for easier navigation on the costs:


Cost Factor Price Range (per square metre) Notes
Basic Sealing Cost $10 – $60 $10-$16 for DIY, up to $50-$60 for professional services. Prices vary based on driveway size.
Penetrating Sealers $3 – $5 Requires reapplication every few years.
Film-forming Sealers $5 – $8 Lasts 4-5 years, may alter appearance.
Coloured Sealers $7 – $12 Adds colour and possibly texture, increasing cost.
Cleaning (Simple) $2 – $5 Basic cleaning to prepare the surface.
Cleaning (Stains or Cracks) $8 – $12 Intensive cleaning for damaged surfaces.
Pressure Washing $2 – $4 Additional cost for thorough cleaning.
Moss Removal $5 – $8 Extra cost if moss treatment is needed.
Miscellaneous Fees & Charges Varies Smaller driveways may incur higher per square metre costs due to fixed fees.
Bulk Discounts Varies Larger driveways may benefit from reduced rates.
Location Factor Varies Costs can fluctuate based on local labour rates and sealant availability.

Worker wearing blue jeans and brown work boots and performing concrete sealing with a roller

Going Beyond Numbers


Next, let’s look beyond just the basic costs and think about what really matters when you’re sealing that driveway:


Going with the Pros


Sure, you might find a bargain deal, but remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for.” If the prep work’s rushed or skimped on, you’ll be seeing cracks and peels way sooner than you’d like. A solid concreting company with a good rep will do the job right, saving you from a redo.


Sealer Types


Of course, there’s not just one type of sealer. Each of them has its own characteristics and costs:


  • Solvent-based acrylics are tough cookies and last longer but might give you a headache with their fumes. These sealers can range from about $30-$50 per litre, which covers around 8-10 square metres.
  • Water-based acrylics are friends of the earth but need a touch-up more often. It costs close to their solvent-based counterparts, around $25-$45 per litre.
  • Polyurethanes are like the deluxe version with top-notch protection, but your wallet will feel it. Since we’re putting deluxe in the name, it goes around $50-$75 per litre.
  • Epoxy sealers are heavyweights in strength and custom looks, but they’ll cost you a pretty penny. These can set you back around $100-$150 per litre.


Here’s a simplified table for the sealer types:


Sealer Type Characteristics Price Range (per litre) Coverage (per litre)
Solvent-based Acrylics Durable, longer-lasting, strong fumes $30 – $50 8-10 square metres
Water-based Acrylics Environmentally friendly, more frequent application $25 – $45 Similar to solvent-based
Polyurethanes Deluxe protection, expensive $50 – $75 Varies
Epoxy Sealers Strong, customizable, most expensive $100 – $150 Varies


Watch Out for the Extras


There could be travel fees, those miscellaneous charges we talked about, and even costs for getting rid of the old sealant. Make sure you get the full picture with a detailed quote so you’re not caught off guard.


To DIY or Not to DIY


It’s tempting to save some cash and do it yourself, but tally up what you’ll need—quality sealant, equipment, your time (and maybe a bit of your sanity). Plus, think about the oops factor; a small mistake could mean starting all over. Pros not only nails it the first time but also often offers a warranty.


Thinking Ahead


Regular sealing isn’t just another chore; it’s like a health plan for your driveway. It keeps the major damage at bay, meaning less money spent on big repairs down the line. It’s about playing the long game for your home’s beauty and your wallet.


And depending on your choice and local weather, you’ll be reapplying that sealant every few years, so keep that in mind for your budget.


Concrete tiled floor under tree shade and well-maintained by concrete sealing

Some Things to Remember


Shop Around


Don’t just jump at the first quote. Get a few different ones to compare what you’re really getting for your money, looking at the full scope of services, the company’s track record, and, of course, the bottom line cost.


Dig Deeper with Questions


When chatting with potential companies, don’t hold back. Ask about the nitty-gritty like what kind of sealer they recommend for your specific needs, how they prep the driveway, what’s covered under their warranty, and if any hidden fees might pop up.


But What Do You Really Need?


Think about what’s important to you. Is it sticking to a budget, getting that just-right look, or making sure your driveway can take a beating from the elements? There’s a sealer out there that fits the bill, so choose based on what ticks all your boxes.


Getting savvy with these insights means you’ll be ready to make a smart choice on sealing your driveway. And remember, going cheap might save you some cash now, but investing in quality can mean a driveway that looks great and stands strong for years, adding real value to your place.


Extra Thought: If you’re leaning towards being kind to the planet (and who isn’t these days?), think about eco-friendly sealers. They’re made from natural materials, so they’re gentler on the earth and safer for you and your family. Sure, they might cost a tad more, but they’re a win-win for your home and the environment.




Q: What are some signs that my driveway needs sealing?

A: Look for cracks, spalling, fading, oil stains, or loose gravel. Sealing proactively protects your driveway from further damage.


Q: How often should I seal my driveway?

A: It depends on the type of sealer used and your local climate. Penetrating sealers typically need to be reapplied every 2-3 years, while film-forming sealers can last 4-5 years.


Q: Can I seal my driveway myself?

A: Yes, but it’s important to properly clean and prepare the surface, choose the right sealer, and apply it evenly. Mistakes can be costly, so seek professional help if unsure.


Q: Can I seal my driveway in cold weather?

A: Most sealers require warm temperatures for proper application and curing. Consult a professional for recommendations based on your climate.


Q: What are some additional costs I might encounter?

A: Travel fees, waste disposal fees, removing old sealer, repairing cracks or damage, additional coats of sealer, and colour customization can add to the final cost.


Q: Which type of sealer is best for my driveway?

A: This depends on your budget, desired finish, traffic volume, and environmental concerns. Consult a professional for specific recommendations.


Final Thoughts


All in all, there are plenty of factors to think about when looking into the costs of sealing your concrete driveway in Adelaide. But you can piece the whole cost together as long as you know what you need and what you can spare in the whole project. You can always go the DIY route but for anything complicated, Driveway Doctor is here to help you out.

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