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Why Facade Cleaning Is Important For Your House

The word facade derives from french/italian origins meaning ‘face’. Which is exactly what a facade is – the face of your home or building. It’s the first and most prominent thing people see when they come to visit which is why it is important to ensure it reflects your home or business well. A dirty facade is a sign of neglect and says a lot about how you present yourself, your home or your business. In order to ensure a clean and presentable facade you might consider an external wall cleaning service. Here at The Driveway Doctor we specialise in home and building facade cleaning and guarantee optimal results across Adelaide.

What is facade cleaning?

Facade cleaning is an external wall cleaning service which utilises industrial equipment to ensure a fresh, clean finish for the face of your home or business. The facade cleaning procedure involves the use of cranes and professional abseiling equipment to get to those high and hard to reach places. Here at The Driveway Doctor we use the latest in high power water pressure technology for all facade cleaning in Adelaide. This facade cleaning method guarantees a grime and dirt-free facade to ensure your home and business is both clean and presentable.

Facade Cleaning Services

Facade cleaning in Adelaide is a fast growing industry but unlike other facade cleaning companies our experienced technicians and friendly staff keep us competitive. Our gentle, environmentally friendly products and meticulous sweeps assure optimal results without missing a single smudge. You may not be aware of just how dirty your facade is until you see the results once we’re done cleaning the external walls. Take a look at the pictures below and see the extraordinary differences before and after the external wall cleaning.

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