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Why You Should Use Hot Water Pressure Washing

Your house is your home and your home should always be a haven. While you might treat it as such, nature’s elements can often be quite cruel creating a mess of dirt in very hard-to-reach places.

House exteriors in particular can experience the worst kind of weathering. Walls, fences, driveways, patios and roofs are often worn out and stained by rain, mould, soot, bird droppings and even moss, leaving behind a terrible eyesore and a serious hazard.

The mould and moss on your walls can grow and spread and affect the structure of your home, while the soot, building up around your windows, can eat away and chip at the paint.

You could buy yourself a commercial heated pressure washer but it would cost you hundreds of dollars and still leave you with a mess to clean. What’s more, without industry knowledge and proper hot water pressure washing methods you could make a basic, easy-to-clean stain much worse, which is why we recommend you leave the dirt and grime to The Driveway Doctor – Adelaide’s top heated pressure washers!

How does a hot water pressure washer work?

Hot water pressure washing can be messy work but with our industrial telescopic equipment and experienced technicians we make wet work easy. We’ll visit your home to inspect the site for damage and stains and talk you through the pressure washing process. Once we’ve assessed the damage we will determine the best method to ensure an effective hot water pressure clean and for optimal results we’ll implement our Shampoo, Soak and Wash process.

Why is The Driveway Doctor Adelaide’s first choice hot water high pressure cleaner?

With our reverse-suction hot water washer extension, we can work on the inside of your home without leaving a pool of dirty water. Say goodbye to mouldy ceilings and soot covered window sills and hello to a new and restored home!

Call us for an obligation-free quote on all hot water pressure washing and enquire about our Price Beat Guarantee today!

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