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Effective Paver Cleaning

When deciding on your home’s exterior layout, most people opt for concrete; it’s cheap and durable and does the job. But not you, you’ve decided to pave the outside of your home because, let’s face it, you’re not most people. Your home’s exterior should reflect your style, and pavement is a far more presentable option. But what happens when dirt and grime cover your once beautifully clean pavers?

Over time wind, rain and surrounding trees can create a buildup of dirt, mud and mould between each brick leaving you vulnerable to growths of local weeds and moss. Not only does this leave an unsightly mess, but it can also serve as quite a serious hazard in the wet seasons. Paver cleaning is simple and easy and we can guarantee a complete revival of your original clean pavers.

How To Clean Pavers

Cleaning pavers can be a tedious and messy job if you opt to do it yourself. Without the proper equipment not only will paver cleaning take double the time and effort, but it might also damage the original structure. Here at The Driveway Doctor we specialise in cleaning pavers and can ensure that your paver cleaning process is quick, efficient and cost effective.

Unlike other paver cleaners, here at The Driveway Doctor we pride ourselves on using environmentally friendly methods to ensure we don’t leave our mark on Adelaide’s eco system. This means that you can rest assured knowing all our paver cleaning compounds and equipment are also safe for both children and household pets.

Not to mention our social responsibilities to local charities; for every paver cleaner’s job we’ll donate $10 to Australia’s Camp Quality Foundation to help support families with children battling cancer. Alternatively, our proceeds can be donated to a charity of your choice anywhere in the country.

A paver cleaner is most effective when they can customise the right treatment to suit your unique problem. So call us today for an obligation-free quote and tell us about your paver cleaning needs!

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