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Petrol Station Cleaning

As people’s primary source of fuel, your petrol station is bound to experience a high volume of traffic and, with traffic, comes an even higher volume of dirt, grime and unsightly stains. But your gas station is your business which means its maintenance is of the utmost importance. Service station cleaning can be a tough job, especially if you opt to do it yourself. With all the different products on the market, how do you know which one to choose and if it will do the job?

The Driveway Doctor Petrol Station Cleaning

Here at The Driveway Doctor we know gas station cleaning, like you know petrol prices, which
means we’ll have you covered from start to finish and, as Adelaide’s leading competitor on petrol station pressure cleaning, you’ll get the best price guaranteed.

With all the machinery involved in the structure of a service station, we understand that your gas station cleaning service, needs to include a little tender love and care. When executed properly, petrol station pressure cleaning can provide optimal results, with fresh looking grounds and shiny new pumps. At The Driveway Doctor we’ll meet your service station cleaning needs with swift and effective solutions to guarantee total satisfaction.

Our most common gas station cleaning request is that of the canopy. As the tallest point of your structure, the canopy can be the toughest spot to reach. Gas station canopy cleaning is therefore one of our specialty services. Using our industrial grade pressure washer extensions, we’ll reach every corner, every time.

The Driveway Doctor Process

In order to ensure the deepest clean, we recommend an initial site inspection so that our gas station cleaning technicians can assess the extent of the damage. Once we’ve assessed your service station cleaning requirements we’ll tailor the best cleaning methods to suit your particular problem. This will involve a variation of our Shampoo, Soak and Wash process which implements only the best of service station pressure washing.

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