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The top 5 Benefits of a Driveway Doctor Hot Water Pressure Washer

April 23, 2019

It’s effective on Mould & Stubborn Stains

Letting mould and stubborn stains build up around your home can cause serious damage over time. Worse still, once mould and grime take hold of a surface it can be a serious challenge getting them off. Our hot water pressure cleaning method attacks mould and stubborn stains and effectively removes them without making a huge mess. Mould in your internal corners? Not a problem. Sooty windows proving hard to clean? No worries. Our hot water pressure cleaners are perfect for end of lease cleaning, ensuring you get your bond back when you leave, as well as all residential and commercial jobs where mould and grime has built up over time.

Whether you want the tiles in your shower to sparkle, the mould on your concrete patio to disappear or your facade to be refreshed, the Driveway Doctor can help.

Benefit Number 1: It gets the job, any job, done.

It’s Quick

Cleaning your own home takes time. Without industry knowledge and proper hot water pressure washing technique you could even end up doing more to hurt your surfaces than help! Leaving the dirt and grime to the Driveway Doctor is the quick and easy solution. Trying to remove an oil stain from a concrete driveway? Using harsh chemicals to scrub the surface might feel like the only option. Our three step process for a clean driveway makes it so much simpler.

  • First we use an environmentally friendly industrial degreaser (that won’t harm the kids or furry friends in your home) to dissolve the molecular structure of your stain.
  • Then we suspend the grease or oil stain in situ to prevent further absorption.
  • Finally, we draw the stain to the surface before blasting it with our hot water pressure cleaner and leave your driveway sparkling.

No matter what part of your home is damaged or stained, our pressure cleaners are a quick, safe and simple solution.

Benefit Number 2: We do the hard yakka, you get the free time.

It Keeps Your Environment Sanitary

The muck, dirt, mould and grime that build up on the surfaces of your home aren’t just an eye-sore. They’re also home to bacteria that can pose a health issue to you and your family without proper cleaning. Pressure washing helps ensure those harmful contaminants are removed, keeping everyone safe and your surfaces looking sharp.

Thinking hot water pressure cleaning is a messy job that can only be used outside to clean pavers? Think again. We’ll visit your home to assess any damage and talk you through the entire pressure washing process. Using our shampoo, soak and wash process we can target heavy duty stains anywhere in your home. Our reverse-suction hot water washer extension lets us target the mess without leaving a pool of dirty water.

Benefit Number 3: Say goodbye to bacteria and bugs and hello to a sanitary new surface!

It’s good for your home

Life moves at a hectic pace. Not just for you and your family but for the mould and moss that grows around your home. House exteriors are particularly vulnerable to wear and tear over time. While walls, fences, driveways, patios and roofs can be worn down by the elements. With so many tough to reach spots, wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a way to reach and clean them all? With Driveway Doctor there is!

With our regularly scheduled pressure cleaning we can prevent grime, mildew and mould from damaging your home. Waiting until the damage is done will cost you a fortune in replacing rotten wood and repainting worn surfaces. You can reverse premature ageing of your home with our pressure washing services and enjoy the satisfaction of saving yourself time and money.

Here’s a Driveway Doctor tip: A good pressure washing before you paint your home will help your new job last much longer than painting over worn, or dirty, siding and brick.

Not only will you be satisfied with the way your home looks AND the savings you’ll get but we also donate $10 from every cleaning job to a charity of your choice. So that’s pretty satisfying too!

Benefit Number 4: You make the smart choice for your home and wallet and an ethical choice too!

It Reduces Your Water Bill

If you’re currently using a hose to clean everything – your car, driveway, home exterior and more, you’ll want to avoid checking your water bill. Our Driveway Doctor pressure cleaners remove the stress of high water bills by taking care of all those pesky jobs so your hose doesn’t have to. With a range of residential and commercial cleaning services provided there’s no surface and no job that we can’t help with.

Benefit Number 5: All the results of a deep clean without the added costs.

As a South Australian based driveway maintenance company we offer a reliable and experienced service that aims to please our customers. Our objectives have always been to focus on our customers, environment and social responsibilities. No matter what part of your home needs cleaning, the Driveway Doctor can help

Don’t wait until it’s too late – Call the Driveway Doctor today!

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